George Washington University Hosts Native Voices Traveling Exhibition

A woman wearing headphones touches the Native Voices iPad screen.

Dean Lynn Goldman, MD, Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University, interacts with the Native Voices exhibition iPad.

WASHINGTON, DC – In its last stop under NLM’s auspices, the revised Native Voices traveling exhibition impressed ground floor visitors to the Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University during the fall and winter of 2015-16.

Visitors to the recently opened Milken Institute School of Public Health building were able to interact with the expanded interviews and information available on provided iPads. The Native Voices exhibition iPad application was enhanced during the time the exhibition was at George Washington University, which is located near the US State Department. The iPad app is available without charge at the iPad store and now features more interviews with Native American physicians, health care officials, tribal leaders, and others.

The enhanced iPad app provides extended personal stories of Native American tribal leaders, healers, physicians, clergy, educators, and students who discuss health and wellness. It also includes more information about the unique role played by the Navajo Code talkers during World War II.

Reflecting on the traveling exhibition’s overall intent, NLM’s Dr. Robert Logan (who has been with the exhibition since its inception) said, “We hoped to convey how native Hawaiians, native Alaskans, and American Indians supported traditions and activities that promote health and healing and the relationship of traditional healing and Western medicine.”

Overall, the Native Voices exhibition was available at more than 30 venues before George Washington University. The exhibition’s journey started at the Cankdeska Cikana Community College, Spirit Lake Dakota Nation in Fort Totten, North Dakota. The exhibition continued its journey from Hawaii to Massachusetts, Juneau to Baltimore.

The venues included university health care libraries, American Indian art galleries, and community centers within diverse areas across the US.

Although George Washington University is the exhibition’s final stop under the National Library of Medicine’s sponsorship, Native Voices continues. NLM is partnering with the American Library Association to tour the Native Voices traveling exhibition to 104 different locations from 2016-2020. Selected sites will host the exhibit for six weeks.


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