Native Voices Traveling Exhibition Stops at the University of Hawaii-West Oahu

KAPOLEI, HI — Continuing its journey in our southernmost state, the Native Voices traveling exhibition was hosted by the University of Hawaii-West Oahu’s library for the last few months.

Three girls are seen from behind either reading the exhibition panels or watching video.

High school students take in the Native Voices traveling exhibition. (Photo courtesy of M. Fernandez)

Local librarians estimated about 600 university students have visited the Native Voices traveling exhibition so far during its stay on the warmer and drier side of the island of Oahu. Special visitors included senior citizen groups and students from some area high schools.

When the traveling exhibition opened there, Rob Logan, PhD, senior staff at the National Library of Medicine, told the West Oahu Voice, “We hope to convey the richness of the experiences within Native Hawaiians’, Native Alaskans’, and American Indians’ cultures regarding how a person heals, and how a person finds the will to recover from a chronic or acute disease, conditions, and disabling injuries.”

A librarian at one of the traveling exhibition’s prior Honolulu stops also told the West Oahu Voice, “Being able to watch and listen to the videos in the exhibit between classes or on the way to the library to study is engaging for the students and a great way for them to learn directly from the experts and cultural practitioners.”

The University of Hawaii-West Oahu is a four-year, public university with about 2,400 students. Its campus is located north and west of metropolitan Honolulu. Native Voices will be on display at the library through December 11. It is free and open to the public during library hours.

By Judy Folkenberg


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