NLM’s Native Voices Traveling Exhibition Visits New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Native Voices traveling exhibition opened at the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education in April 2015 and will stay there through October 2015.

Dr. Gayle Dine'Chacon stands in front of a screen displaying the Native Voices logo

Gayle Dine’Chacon, MD speaks at the opening of the National Library of Medicine’s Native Voices traveling exhibition. (Photo courtesy of the University of New Mexico Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education)

New Mexico’s Native American population exceeds 10 percent (compared with about one percent nationally) and includes part of the multi-state Navajo nation.

The exhibit “validates our history, our people, and their voices,” said Gayle Dine’Chacon, MD, founder of the UNM Center for Native American Health and 2013 recipient of the New Mexican Women of Influence award, at the Native Voices traveling exhibition’s opening.

Dr. Dine’Chacon, a former UNM professor of Family Medicine, said she hopes the “exhibit brings light to the many adversities we face in Indian health care. Not that we should dwell on the adversities—we know the challenges—but it’s important to explore the models we have in Indian communities in the treatment of chronic and complex diseases, where adequate resources may be scarce.”

Dr. Dine’Chacon also encouraged listeners to exhibit passion and commitment to improve the health status of all Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

By Judy Folkenberg


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