NLM healing totem journey – Arlee blessing

Arlee, Montana Sept. 15, 2011 – The blessing focused on how the environment impacts healing.

The 60+ attendees of all ages especially wished to touch the healing totem. The experience reinforced their tribal elders, who noted the importance of plants, forests, and the environment to heal illness.

    Arlee blessing attendees

    (Photo: courtesy of Kathy Cravedi) 

Two bands of drums were used. One group of young adults stood to the west and symbolized the healing totem’s journey from the Lummi tribe to Montana.
A group of about 11 children (led by an elder) stood to the east and drummed for the healing totem’s safe journey to Bethesda.
The kids were happy because they got out of school for a couple of hours. One got a nasty bee sting, but a show from two eagles made up for it.
The Arlee pow wow is a large grounds, but the blessing was an intimate experience.

Rob Logan



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