NLM healing totem – Semiahmoo blessing

Semiahmoo, WA.- Jewell James and Lummi tribal officials introduced the NLM Healing Totem by noting its purpose is to heal.

They explained one of the purposes of the Healing Totem is to address the historical trauma of America’s Native Peoples. However, they quickly added the Healing Totem is a gift to all Americans who have experienced cultural disruption and sacrifices.

In addition, they noted the timing of the Healing Totem’s delivery (a day after the tenth anniversary of 9/11) underscored the need to heal the national trauma that occurred a decade ago — at the other end of the U.S. from the Lummi nation’s lands (which are in the northwest tip of the state of Washington).

Several people wearing blankets on their sholders stand in front of the totem, which lays on a truck.

Left to right. Dr. Donald Lindberg witnesses the Semiahmoo blessing of NLM's totem with Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen and Chairman of the Lummi Nation Cliford Cultee.

Jewell James noted after the ceremony that he hoped visitors to NLM’s Native Voices: Native People’s Concepts of Health and Illness will be moved emotionally by the symbolism and beauty of the 20+ foot finely carved red cedar.

Jewell and other tribal elders told me they hoped future visitors will feel the healing totem’s power.

The Lummi nation’s new gift to all Americans blesses all.

Rob Logan



One thought on “NLM healing totem – Semiahmoo blessing

  1. Today’s blessing ceremony of the healing totem pole at the Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion was a moving event. I send journeying blessings of protection and love to all the travelers/drivers as they make their way through several cities before reaching Maryland. Thank you, NLM, for providing this blog so we can watch the journey.
    Dr. Valerie Hunt

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