Update on installation of the healing totem at NLM – 2

At the conclusion of the Totem’s 5000 mile journey across the country it will be installed adjacent to the National Library of Medicine’s existing herb garden on the edge of the NIH campus. The garden is filled with medicinal herbs and painstakingly tended by dedicated local volunteers from The Potomac Unit of the Herb Society of America. The totem, along with two carved benches on a new plaza, will be placed between the garden and the fence shown here in the background.

Three people stand at the center of a formal herb garden on the edge of the NIH campus
Beth Mullen (left) and Dylan Raintree (center) show Carver Jewell James (right) the NLM herb garden, where the totem will be installed.

In preparation, the herb garden will get a general sprucing up with refinished benches and new side plantings.

Preparation of the site for the totem’s installation is accelerating.  All the designs, soil tests, engineering calculations, and approvals are in. All the paperwork is signed and we’re scheduled to break ground this week. Stay tuned for more updates as the foundation for the totem is laid.


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